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18 months - 2.5 years
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A Warm and Exciting Place to Grow, Learn and Discover​​​​​​​​​​
The toddler years are a time of ever-expanding curiosity and discovery. At The Campus we strive to foster that curiosity and focus on providing an environment that promotes self-discovery through hands-on learning and child-directed play. Walk in to our Toddler Room and you will hear music playing and see teachers at child level, on the floor engaging in the learning experience alongside the child. Shelves are filled with toys that encourage curiosity and questioning while providing a stimulating experience.

​Building a Sense of Community​​​​​​​​​​
Loving words and reassuring guidance allow our little learners to feel at home and secure each day. A sense of community becomes the focus in our Toddler Room as we work to facilitate trust, autonomy and cooperation. Relationships develop between both children and adults as youngsters begin to communicate verbally and share feelings. Toddlers are viewed as individuals who have thoughts, opinions and feelings that should be valued and respected.


Physical Education Everyday...included in tuition!

Ready-Set-Go! Toddlers need movement and our twice weekly Toddler Tumble Bee class will give them plenty of time and space to strengthen large muscle groups and use physical movement to promote brain development. This class is designed for toddlers– walking, running, exploring and ready for a bigger challenge. Social interaction and gross motor play are at the center of our toddler curriculum as children begin to learn more complex physical movement.

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