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4 and 5 year olds

Preparing for Kindergarten with FUN!
Our PreK classroom begins to prepare children for the world of kindergarten through hands-on exploration. A large emphasis is placed on social emotional development through free choice play and center time, where children continue to learn the importance of teamwork, decision-making and problem-solving. Walk in to The Campus PreK classroom and you will catch learning everywhere– children playing sight word ski ball to gain familiarity with high frequency words, planting a classroom flower to chart and observe growth or dancing in front of a light to understand shadows. Learning comes naturally as children are encouraged to discover, question and problem solve with progressively less adult intervention. Curricular lessons are designed to promote real-life connections as children begin to understand that what they learn at school has relevance to their own world.Yes, Kindergarten preparedness is essential, but it is also FUN!


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​An Academic Edge Through Physical Education
Physical education is integrated in to the daily curriculum as preschool students spend OVER TWO HOURS each day engaging in a structured physical activity class and unstructured physical education play within the Kids First facility.


Once per Week, Students Receive:

All classes included in tuition, as they are part of the daily curriculum.


Tumble Bee Class (preschool gymnastics)

RG Basketball Academy Class

Yoga with Pooja Class

Soccer Shots Class

Queen City Dance Academy Class

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