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​To do good things for kids,


to help kids grow into

happy, healthy, responsible adults

Happy, Healthy, Responsible Kids!

Teacher or parent, there is no more noble goal than to help a child acquire the tools to live a rich and rewarding life.

For over four decades, the Kids First Sports Center family has been dedicated to its Mission of Helping Kids Grow Into Happy, Healthy, Responsible Adults. The Campus is proud and excited to carry this tradition into the classroom with our educational preschool for children ages infant through Pre-Kindergarten.

It is true, Campus Kids receive the area’s finest academic and physical education. Yet, at The Campus, your child’s long term happiness and emotional well-being will always be first.



Want a Great Reader?…Get ‘em moving!

There is Only One Best Time in a Child’s Life to Develop the Brain

It is well established that movement and play during the developmental years encourages 'the fitness habit’ in later years. Lesser known is the relatively new science about brain development of the young child. Study after study has now proven what physical educators and holistic teachers have long intuited—that movement and play is essential for maximizing intellectual and emotional development. Running, skipping, jumping, rolling, spinning cross-lateral movement and inverting are more than child’s play.   

With The Campus' three acres of outdoor play, large indoor play court and use of Kids First Sports Center's 108,000 square feet of indoor play space, Campus Kids have no shortage of space to move and play!

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Our Mission

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