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Movement: The Secret to Smarter kids

Want a Great Reader?…Get ‘em moving!

There is Only One Best Time in a Child’s Life to Develop the Brain

It is well established that movement and play during the developmental years encourages 'the fitness habit’ in later years. Lesser known is the relatively new science about brain development of the young child. Study after study has now proven what physical educators and holistic teachers have long intuited—that movement and play is essential for maximizing intellectual and emotional development. Running, skipping, jumping, rolling, spinning cross-lateral movement and inverting are more than child’s play, they connect neurons necessary for later academic success.

At 108,000 s.f. (2-1/2 acres under roof) Kids First Sports Center is widely recognized as the premier children’s sports institution in the USA and our Campus Kids are the lucky beneficiaries of days full of movement and fun!

So, How Exactly do we

Develop the Child's Brain?

Check out the short clips below.

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