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Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hi! I'm Joanie Weghorst, co-founder of The Campus at Kids First along with my dad, Jeff Metzger. We founded The Campus in January, 2013 after I had a short stint in the public school system. I became frustrated with the red-tape nature of teaching but the passion for early education remained.

A little background...

I studied business and retail at the University of Tennessee where I received my bachelors degree. Immediately upon graduating I realized I had a love of teaching, specifically young children. I moved back home to Cincinnati and enrolled at Xavier University where, over the course of the next two years, I received my Masters in Early Childhood Education.

While I loved teaching, I felt unfulfilled in a public school setting. With a degree in business and growing up with parents that owned a business, I always had the 'entrepreneurial itch.' When 5,000 sf of space came available inside Kids First Sports Center in 2011 the idea for The Campus was born. A place for children to learn and grow in a safe setting with a common mission to become happy, healthy responsible adults.

Seven years later and here we are...

“I always had the entrepreneurial itch.”

About Me

My husband, Todd, and I have four beautiful children: Charlie, born 2012, Annabel, born 2014, Ruby, born 2016 and Oliver, born 2017. Yes, that's four in five years. Our house is crazy but it's full of love and laughs and a lot of mistakes :)

Why a blog?

After a couple years of saying I was going to start a professional blog I'm finally nailing myself down and doing it.

The intention of this blog is to help parents and educators navigate the world of early learning. Whether it be from a professional standpoint or the perspective of a parent, I want to explore topics that I've seen come up many times throughout my tenure in the field and shed some light on topics I feel passionate about.

Enjoy :)



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