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What parents say about The Campus...

Our families and students are the backbone of The Campus. We take great pride  in ensuring that each child and each parent is happy with the education, care and physical activity their child receives each day. The following excerpts are a testament  to our amazing teachers, 

facility and quality of education.

"I have been spending a lot of time at The Campus in the afternoon's because my children do not want to leave school when I pick them up!  This is amazing, especially for my son, who typically won't leave my side unless forced to.  When I pick him up in the afternoon his preschool teacher is usually working on an art project with them, reading a book, doing something that the kids are totally engaged with.  He sees me and says it's not time yet and then continues working with her on whatever they are doing.  They are not just sitting idle waiting for parents– they are actively learning and having fun, and I know the teacher's efforts have a lot to do with that. 

While I see less of my son's Lead Teacher, I hear about her every night. My son absolutely loves her and tells me so.  When I do see her she is extremely engaging and provides me very valuable feedback and observations on my guy.  My son has been starting to write his name, talking about letters and what words start with what letters, and is learning quite a lot from her.  She does a lot of great things during the day that he is absorbing and obviously loving.

I have also been extremely happy with my daughter's PreK teachers.  They handle her with patience and continue to provide us feedback so we can work together on items that come up.  We have noticed an improvement in my daughter's attitude and behavior since we have started working closely together, and a very special thank you to them for taking the time to provide us valuable feedback almost every day.  It's because we have been so happy with them that we are sending my son to Pre-K with them without question.  They have also been doing an excellent job with the academics and making learning fun with all their creativity and physical activity. My daughter has learned so much this year from these ladies!"

-Lauren S.

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"Thank you so very much for all that you have given to us and all that you have done for our daughter. The Campus has been a place of growth, of support, of fun and of security and I am eternally grateful. We wish you continued success and growth– you have been such an important part of our world. I truly appreciate all that you do."

-Micha and Nik G.

"We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience our daughter has had over the past three years. You have created an early learning center that encompasses everything a parent would want for their child. It is because of your extraordinary thought and creativity, safe and nurturing environment, fantastic teachers and a philosophy to treat the whole child that Maria's years at The Campus have been so fulfilling and memorable."

-Ladye P.

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"Thank you for another wonderful school year for our boys and a great first experience for our daughter! We are grateful every day that you established such an awesome learning environment. We tell our friends and family all the time how blessed our kids are to have a place like The Campus. We can tell how much the kids love their school program, their teachers and their physical education (Tumble Bees, Soccer and more). It's a great feeling to know that your children are so well-cared for while you are working...not everyone can say this with 100% confidence, but we truly can!"

-Kurt and Sarah I.

"We can't say enough about Summer Camp at The Campus. Our son, age 3, was enrolled for the entire summer and we were astonished by the entire staff! The efforts put forward to get to know and understand our son were above and beyond. They took the time to talk to our son's preschool teacher to make the transition from one school to another as smooth as possible! We are so grateful to find such a gem of a school with such an AWESOME and CARING staff and has FANTASTIC amenities and activities that can't be found elsewhere! We look forward to Summer Camp again!"

-Trisha K.

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"I have told you many times how happy we are at The Campus and how fantastic everyone is who works there. I would also like to tell you how much we appreciate Tammy's concern for our son and her initiative to help solve the concern and to reach out to us. She communicated in such a caring way (like she was his close family member) and she communicated with me so honestly, even though she wasn't sure of how I would react. I can't tell you how much I appreciate both of these traits in someone who is taking care of my child! It makes me feel so good that our boys are with such wonderful people and at such a fun place while Scott and I are at work. I really feel that Tammy went above and beyond in this situation and we are so grateful for that. Scott and I literally talk everyday about how happy we are that we found The Campus."

-Emily B.

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