We are all born curious. Just watch an infant look around the room; you can almost see the mind developing right in front of you. Inside The Campus Infant Room we have created a safe, warm place for our youngest learners to develop their bodies, minds and personalities.


The toddler years are a time of ever-expanding curiosity and discovery. At The Campus we strive to foster that curiosity and focus on providing an environment that promotes self-discovery through hands-on learning and child-directed play.


​In an encouraging environment that promotes problem solving and many attempts to get it “just right,” Early Preschool at The Campus balances structure and free play so natural curiosity is always nurtured and independent thinking is fostered.


Immersing the Environment with Relevance, Curiosity and Fun
The preschool world is all about doing. Curiosity reigns free and preschool-age children learn through active engagement in every activity– from morning meeting to math.


Our pre-k classroom begins to prepare children for the world of kindergarten through hands-on exploration. While still a huge emphasis on social emotional development through free play, walk in to the classroom and you will catch learning everywhere–


Full Day Private Kindergarten is taught by a state licensed teacher and follows the Common Core Standards for Early Childhood Education. Daily physical education classes included in tuition, in addition to a weekly music class.


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